Frequently asked questions

When does Auraltime launch?
Auraltime plans to launch soon. We'll announce the launch date here and on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us to stay up to date.

Where can I listen to Auraltime?
Online everywhere and on DAB digital radio in Aldershot, Birmingham, Brighton and Portsmouth. To listen on DAB you might need to rescan your radio.

I have a suggestion for a programme, how do I get in touch?
Please visit the Creators page. If you fill out the details form on that page, we'll get back to you and have a chat about how we can work together to get your content to air.

What exactly are you going to broadcast?
The best of spoken word. Audio books, podcasts, plays, comedy, documentaries, drama, the list is endless. Auraltime celebrates the spoken word, the one thing we won't broadcast is back to back music!

How is auraltime operated?
This is important information. If you're providing your content for auraltime, you want to know who's on the other end. auraltime's parent company is Switch Radio, a not-for-profit community radio station in North East Birmingham. By extension, auraltime is also not-for-profit. Income from the service (if any) is used to offset costs in establishing and operating the service. In the spirit of openness, we are more than happy to put on record that Switch Radio does not employ or pay any member of staff for, or in connection with, the operation of auraltime.